Imagine that after a day of hard work and after-work tasks, you click a magic button and SPARKL rings at the door to take care of you, treating you like a princess. You can book manicure, pedicure, waxing, hairdressing or make-up wherever and whenever you want from 8 am to 11 pm every day of the week, all year round.


SPARKL’s mission is to make beauty services affordable by ensuring a high quality standard 365 days a year, wherever and whenever the customer wants.
Booking a service with us is easy, time in queues, phone calls and trips to the salon are a thing from the past.
SPARKL will come to your home, office, or hotel… anytime you want! Convenient isn’t it?


We sign a protocol where the company commits to:

Provide a room with some privacy, chairs and table.

Inform us the day (s) of the week, the time when they authorize us to provide the requested services.

Disseminate these services internally via email.

To your employees
it’s equally simple

Payment and scheduling are made online.


We assure high quality standards and the best services. Like?
The Beauty Experts that use Sparkl platform are subject to a rigorous selection and training process. Only 30% pass the selection phase. They are subject to training with national recognized specialists in Hair, Makeup, Nails and Aesthetics.
We only work with brands that contain healthy ingredients and with as few chemicals as possible: Gelish, Morgan Taylor, Thalgo…

SPARKL is a platform that connects beauty experts and clients, intermediates and manages this relationship.


We know that the average European woman works 4:30 hours a day on after work tasks such as taking care of their children or domestic tasks. Leaving no time to care of themselves. SPARKL beauty services are on demand whether at home or at work.

Our professionals are available 365 days a year, at extended hours.